Sports Trips
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Hit the road with Ed and Doug
We love going to a variety of games each year and always plan a few road trips.
Here are some of the past trips and what's coming up in the near future.

Doug followed up his trip to Game 7 of the World Series with a trip to Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals to see his Ducks beat the New Jersey Devils. (Picture coming soon)

Ed is getting ready for football season having planned trips to see his Steelers play on Monday Night Football in San Francisco vs. the 49ers AND to see his Fresno State Bulldogs play in Oklahoma vs. the Mighty Sooners. (See below)
We both visited the Pacific Northwest for the first time with a trip to see Fresno State play Oregon at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon. Despite the Bulldogs losing a close game we both enjoyed the trip. The people of Eugene were great. The atmosphere for the game was the best they have ever experienced and the area was beautiful. If Fresno State could have pulled out the win it probably would have eclipsed the Colorado trip as the best ever.
We drove from Los Angeles to Boulder,
Colorado to see the Fresno State football
team kick off the 2001 season against the
Colorado Buffaloes in the first annual Jim
Thorpe Classic. The first day we drove to
Salt Lake, with a stop at Stateline in Nevada
to place a bet on the Bulldogs to win. The
second day we drove straight from Salt Lake
City to Boulder, which involved a trip through
Arby's, I mean Wyoming. We got to Boulder
very early for the evening kickoff and were
able to tour the beautiful campus and saw more
beautiful women than we could count. During
the game we got to see Ralphie the Buffalo
and also got to see Fresno State pull out a
24-22 "upset" of Colorado. On the way home
we stopped in Las Vegas and collected our
money at Stateline the next day. All in all
it was the best road trip either of us has
ever taken.
For better or worse Fresno State will face powerhouse Oklahoma this coming football season. Doug has dropped out of the trip because he may be moving to Las Vegas at the end of the year and is trying to save money. However, Ed's good friend Mark Crawford, a Oklahoma fan, has stepped in to take Doug's place. The third annual Fresno State football road trip is ON for Norman, Oklahoma Septemer 20, 2003.